Hi, I’m Sheila. I’m a tattoo apprentice at Electric Cat Scratch Tattoos in Washington, D.C. under Brian Freda.

I’m currently doing apprentice tattoos for $20. Strictly palm-sized or smaller, line work, limited shading and/or color. No first-timers and no out-of-towners please! Because these are practice to help me get better, they may not look the greatest and they may take much longer than a normal tattoo procedure would. So it’s really important to have people who are experienced in the process and who can come back to let me touch things up. If you’re interested preferably come into the shop to talk about what you’d like to get tattooed but for any general questions you can email me at forkspit@gmail.com. I appreciate your interest!

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helped me figure out how to form habits while tattooing, hold the machine, gain hand strength and work on a non-flat surface.



I drew this stuff and I’d love to tattoo it.



a good demonstration of the art I make in my free time.